Ephesians 3:20 says that, “Jesus is able to do far more abundantly than we can ask or think,” and we have experienced His abundance in fresh and exciting ways in 2014 – all because of our friends and partners and God’s marvelous grace.

Never before in the history of our nation and world has there been the opportunity to reach 7 billion people with the Gospel, but it takes “One Heart,” a partnering together to spread the Good News. With your prayers and support, Daystar has helped create a new story line in millions of lives – a story filled with kindness, tenderness, grace and the mercy of God.

Our annual report is more than just groups of statistics – they represent needy and hungry people. Many of these numbers represent abuse, divorce, trauma and loss; while others are seeking God for the first time. Each person has a story, and every story matters to God. Daystar is a ministry where caring for others never stops!
Now, at the end of 2014, we continue to change lives throughout the world. We labor ceaselessly to reach the lost with the Good News, to instill vision from bold, inspirational programs – that voice of authentic Christianity – to the service of God’s ever-unfolding promises.


Here are some of the ways in which Daystar has made an impact for the Kingdom worldwide in 2014:
– Daystar covers 100% of the more than 200 countries, territories and states of the world.
– Recently, Daystar launched in Thailand, reaching a potential viewing audience of more than 67 million people.
– We added another half-million homes to our reach in Canada, and are now reaching 7.5 million homes.
– We launched our App on Android, bringing Daystar to the nearly 1 billion Android users worldwide (65% of smartphone owners use the Android Platform).
– The Daystar website receives traffic from nearly every country, and had over 3 million visits last year alone.
– Daystar launched in High Definition (HD).
– The Daystar Singers and Band released a new CD – No Chains.
– We increased the size of our studio grounds at the Daystar International Headquarters to make way for future expansion.
– Daystar became the largest Christian Television Network in the United States, reaching more than 108 million homes.
– We renewed our Cablevision contract in New York, ensuring that Daystar will continue to impact the more than 10 million people living in New York City.
– Daystar was able to give nearly $10 million to missions around the world.
– We’ve added almost 20 million homes to our potential viewing audience worldwide.
– The Daystar prayer team has received over 1 million calls in the past year.
– The Daystar prayer team can speak 20 of the world’s most spoken languages.
– From our original programming, like Marcus and Joni and Joni Table Talk, we’ve had salvations reported in 13 different countries across the globe.


While there are 7 billion people in our world, the most striking statistic is that an estimated two-thirds – 4.6 billion – still don’t know who Jesus is. Daystar Television is eternally thankful to the Lord first, and then our wonderful partners, but in looking back we must also look forward to 2015. To that end, Daystar Television’s future mission is to become an even greater “soul-winning” institution, with an underlying passion to encourage the Church and foster an “international” movement to reach the remaining 4.6 billion with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Join us – become “One Heart” to do even greater things for God’s glory in 2015.

Yours for Christian Television,